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The New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program (NJMEP) proudly announced the transition of the State-of-the-State of Manufacturing Summit to NJBIA today, in a strategic effort to amplify the influence of New Jersey’s manufacturing sector and foster a more business-friendly environment.

This initiative builds on NJMEP’s achievements in elevating the industry’s voice to the pinnacle of state leadership and cultivating a dynamic community of manufacturing leaders, thereby bridging the engagement gap that existed prior to the summit between the state and its manufacturers.

Recognizing the need for enhanced advocacy, NJMEP is passing the torch to NJBIA, whose robust lobbying capabilities and dedication to a pro-business climate are seen as key to propelling this conversation forward.

NJBIA’s commitment to integrating the manufacturing sector’s interests into its advocacy work promises to enact meaningful change, benefiting not only the manufacturing community but also the broader business landscape in New Jersey.

“Manufacturing has been in NJBIA’s DNA going back 114 years and we treasure our continuing partnership with NJMEP, the foremost provider of resources and programming for New Jersey manufacturers,” said NJBIA President and CEO Michele Siekerka.

“As this crucial industry faces continued workforce challenges and costly burdens that chip away at our competitiveness, we are eager to build upon the success of the State-of-the-State Manufacturing Summit and use it to present, amplify and contextualize the needs and concerns of our manufacturers with policymakers to ensure a better business climate from which to operate.”

Peter Connolly, CEO of NJMEP, expressed his enthusiasm for this new chapter.

“We are incredibly excited about the potential that lies ahead with this partnership between NJMEP and NJBIA,” Connolly said. “Handing over the reins of the State-of-the-State of Manufacturing Summit to NJBIA marks a pivotal moment in our journey to create a more manufacturing-friendly environment in New Jersey.

“Together, we stand on the brink of transforming the landscape for manufacturers across the state, ensuring their needs and contributions are fully recognized and supported at all levels of government. This is a testament to what we can achieve when we unite our strengths for the greater good of New Jersey’s economic future.”

This transition marks a significant milestone in the “Manufacturing Counts” partnership between NJMEP and NJBIA—a unified effort to bolster New Jersey’s manufacturing sector.

By ensuring a seamless handoff of the State-of-the-State of Manufacturing Summit, both organizations underscore their commitment to supporting the local manufacturing industry while sharing a collective vision for a prosperous and vibrant business ecosystem across the state.