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  • Login ID Requirements

    Your Login ID needs to be the exactly same as your Company Email address listed in your user profile.

    You forgot your password, now what?
    On the login page, click the link, “Forgot your password? Click Here.”   Go to your email and locate the email from “no-reply@verificationemail.com.” If you do not see the system email, please check your spam folder. Copy the 6-digit reset CODE and input it into the code field on your web browser and continue the process to reset your password. If you are still experiencing login issues, please contact NJBIA at 609-393-7707, ext. 9673 for assistance.

  • How do I create an account and/or JOIN online?

    (You can also Download a PDF of these Instructions)
    There are two types of users, members and non-members.  Members have exclusive access to locked content, preferred pricing for events and member-only cost savings. At the completion of Account Creation, you will be give the option to Purchase a Membership.

    • Click on the MY ACCOUNT icon at the top of njbia.org
    • Click on Create a User Account Link
    • Use your business email as your username, type in your email in the second field and create a password. The system requires that you match security requirements and will turn GREEN when accepted.
    • You will be emailed a login code. Use this to proceed to Account Creation. If you do not see an email from “no-reply@verificationemail.com, please check your spam folder.
    • Input your individual user data (name, telephone, address, etc.) and click NEXT at bottom of the page.
    • IMPORTANT: The system will ask if you are affiliated with a company. You have the option to register without being affiliated with a company but you will not be able to JOIN.  Begin typing your company name. If your company populates this field, click NEXT
    • If your company does not populate this field, select MY COMPANY DOES NOT APPEAR button and enter the required company data. When complete, click NEXT at bottom of page.
    • Create your company profile including the number of your company’s full-time employees. This determines your dues category if you are joining. You must complete required fields.
    • You will be given the option to purchase membership and Add-ons.  If you are just creating an account, you are finished.
    • To JOIN, add your membership to the Cart and Check-out.
  • Registering for Events
    • You must have an existing User Account or create one to register for events.  We highly recommend signing into your account before registering for paid events.  Please see above for login or account creation instructions.
    • Click on the Events tab at the top of njbia.org and select EVENTS.
    • Select the event you are interested in.
    • NOTE: You can only register for events while in your individual profile, not while signed into your company’s user profile. User Icons
    • Click the blue REGISTER button.
    • Click on the Select button next to pricing, then click Next at the bottom of the page.
    • Click on the Add to Cart button
    • Click on Checkout to complete your registration
  • Account Management and Paying Invoices
    • You must be logged in to manage your individual or organization’s membership account. Please see above for login instructions.
    • To switch between your individual account and organization’s membership account, click on the user account in the upper-right corner of the page. User Icons
    • In your individual account, you can Manage your Profile and Update your Password.
    • To pay outstanding invoices for Dues, you must be in the Organization Profile.
    • If you have an outstanding invoice, the bell icon should be red and there should be a number in the shopping cart.  Proceed to checkout to pay.
    • Within the Organization Profile, you also have the ability update your company profile and add, delete or update your staff.
  • HR Platform – Access Error

    The HR Support Center is included with membership dues and can only be accessed by the Primary Human Resource Contact.  If your company does not have a HR Contact, the Main Member Contact at the member company will have access to the platform.  You have reached this page for one of the following reasons:

    1. You are not registered as the designated individual with access to the HR Platform at your company
    2. It’s time to renew your membership
    3. You are not a member of NJBIA

    How to fix it:

    #1 or #2:  NJBIA members should log into their company profile to renew membership or go to Manage Organization Contacts to see who is listed as the NJBIA Human Resource or Main Member Contact.

    #3: Join today to gain access to the new HR Support platform.  Please contact memberservices@njbia.org.

If you are experiencing any problems or have questions, please contact us memberservices@njbia.org or call us at 609-393-7707, ext. 9673 for assistance.