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Penalties for Wage Theft, A-862
Released by Assembly Labor Committee Dec. 12
NJBIA position: seeking amendments

NJBIA respects the intent of this legislation; worker abuse should not be tolerated in any form. However, the bill contains several areas of concern. It would add layers to New Jersey’s stringent existing statutes that could result in workplace mandates that are confusing and difficult to comply with, yet still do not solve the problem of worker exploitation. It does not differentiate between knowing and negligent violations, and could result in unintentional behavior being treated in an overly punitive manner. The bill provides for liquidated damages equal to 200 percent of the wages owed, twice the amount required under federal law.


Cybersecurity, S-808
Released by Senate State Government Committee Dec. 12
NJBIA position: support

This bill seeks to protect New Jersey’s cybersecurity infrastructure, produce more efficient and protected proprietary networks, strengthen New Jersey’s cybersecurity framework, and advance economic development in the area of cybersecurity.  It also will capitalize on the critical need for secure business data by attracting cybersecurity companies, since occupations in the cybersecurity industry are among the fastest growing in the economy.


Urban Enterprise Zones, A-4189
Released by Senate Economic Growth Committee on December 12.
NJBIA Position: support

The new legislation accepts the Governor’s recommendation that the Commissioner of Community Affairs research potential alternatives to the UEZ program. It also would provide a two-year extension of the program to the five UEZs set to expire at the end of 2016: Bridgeton, Camden, Plainfield, Trenton, and Newark. Businesses in UEZs are allowed to charge half of the state’s regular sales tax rate and receive incentives such as business-to-business tax exemptions, subsidies for unemployment insurance, and corporate-tax credits for hiring and investing.

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