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As part of the state’s efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has released a communications toolkit to strongly encourage the public to­­­ wear face coverings when visiting the state’s open spaces.“Mask Up!” reminds residents and visitors to bring masks to New Jersey State Parks, beaches, forests and other public areas and wear them, especially where it is difficult to maintain a six-foot distance from others.“With the warmer weather and Memorial Day coming this weekend, Mask Up! reminds New Jerseyans that we can do both: enjoy outdoors and keep our communities safe during the COVID-19 public health emergency,” said Governor Murphy. “Communities across the state can share in our campaign to encourage their residents and visitors to wear a face covering to prevent the further spread of the virus.”
The campaign includes posters and social media content that can be used by municipalities and counties in communicating with their residents and visitors. The downloadable posters and social media graphics are available via the DEP website at

­­­“New Jerseyans are eager to get outside and this signage campaign helps our community leaders to remind their residents to do so safely,” said DEP Commissioner Catherine R. McCabe. “I hope that cities and towns across the state download and print these new posters and display them prominently in their parks, beaches and other outdoor spaces. Wearing a mask while near others outdoors is an important way to keep all New Jerseyans from spreading COVID-19.”

Three “Mask Up!” posters are intended for posting outdoors, in spaces that include park kiosks, beach access points and outdoor shelters. They are downloadable for printing in large format 18-by-24-inch size and can also be scaled down for printing in standard 8½-by-11-inch size. Each poster is available in two versions: with logos for the DEP and State Park Service or without them.

A fourth poster is intended for indoor or outdoor use and encourages New Jerseyans to reduce the risk of transmission by illustrating four different scenarios with a COVID-19 carrier and another person. The poster demonstrates that the highest risk of transmission is when neither individual wears a mask and the lowest risk is when both individuals wear a mask.

The DEP will also be posting signage throughout state forests, state parks and wildlife management areas.

In addition to posters and signage, the DEP’s digital download kit includes the same graphics for use in social media. The DEP will also share the graphics on its own social media channels, including its Facebook page  and Twitter account.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has emphasized the importance of using cloth face coverings to prevent the spread of COVID-19, especially in areas of significant community-based transmission.

COVID-19 continues to affect thousands throughout New Jersey, though the rate of infection has slowed in recent weeks. The state has more than 148,000 lab-confirmed cases, as of May 19. For more details about New Jersey’s response to COVID-19, visit