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Nearly three in 10 doctors nationwide have embraced consulting with patients over a digital platform and a full 90% of physicians now see an advantage to using such technology, according to a survey by the American Medical Association (AMA).

Physician use of technology to provide virtual visits has doubled since a 2016 AMA survey.

NJBIA has supported New Jersey’s telemedicine initiatives because it can reduce emergency room visits and the high cost of healthcare while providing greater convenience to patients, particularly those living in communities with fewer provider options. New Jersey’s telemedicine law went into effect in 2017.

“While drivers of physician adoption of digital health tools have remained consistent since the AMA’s 2016 survey, two elements have shifted in importance,” according to AMA News Editor Kevin B. O’Reilly. “One is that a technology ‘allows me to provide care remotely’ and another is that it ‘helps reduce stress’ or physician burnout. Doctors are most interested in using these tools to help deliver care for patients with chronic conditions.”

The reasons cited by survey respondents include:

  • Consumer access to clinical data—58%;
  • Point of care or workflow enhancements—47%;
  • Clinical decision support—37%;
  • Patient engagement—33%;
  • Remote monitoring and management for improved care—22%; and
  • Remote monitoring for efficiency—16%;

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