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Tractor trailor riding down the roadNew Jersey is one of 17 states that will start “hard enforcement” of the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate on April 1, according to the website Commercial Carriers Journal. Violations could land truck drivers out of service for non-compliance. Although the mandate has been in effect since December, it has been in a period of soft enforcement where noncompliance has been noted, but drivers were not placed out of service as a result.

Trucking companies have gotten the message.  According to the website Carrier Lists, ELD compliance rates rose to 92 percent last week.

The devices replace paper logs for enforcing “Hours of Service” rules designed to prevent drowsiness among drivers.

A driver can be placed out of service if:

  • Using an unauthorized logging device not registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
  • Unable to produce and transfer data electronically from an ELD to an authorized law enforcement officer, or to produce the data via the display or print it out. A driver with an Automatic Onboard Recording Device AOBRD can be placed out of service if unable to display or produce records of duty status.
  • Indicating a special driving category when not involved in that category (considered a false log).
  • Driving a vehicle is not equipped with an ELD or an AOBRD until Dec. 17, 2019) when required.

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