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New Tax Credit Opportunity

Press Release: NJEDA to Launch $10M Food Desert Relief Tax Credit Auction

The application for the auction will open on
September 18 at 10:00 a.m. and close on October 18 at 5:00 p.m.

This fall, NJEDA will auction Corporation Business Tax and Insurance Premiums Tax credits at a discount of up to 15%! This Auction is open to any business with NJ Corporation Business Tax or Insurance Premiums Tax Liability of $500,000 or more (no restrictions on industry or NJ location).

The Food Desert Relief Tax Credit Auction (FDRTC Auction) will raise funds for future grants, loans, and/or technical assistance programs to support food security. Funds raised will help increase access to nutritious food for the 1.5 million residents of New Jersey’s 50 designated Food Desert Communities, which span a diverse range of communities across all the state’s counties.

This informative webinar will explain the structure, eligibility criteria, application requirements, and bid review process for this auction.

Join this webinar to see whether there’s an ROI for you in the FDRTC Auction.

Meet Our Featured Speakers

Riley Edwards Riley Edwards Team Lead, Economic Security Projects, NJEDA

Riley joined the NJEDA in 2021 after earning a Master in Public Affairs from the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs. As Team Lead, Economic Security Projects, Riley works on development and design of new programs to support food security and child care in New Jersey.

Brian Todd Brian Todd Senior Advisor, Food Desert Relief, NJEDA

Following decades of experience in the food industry, including as President of The Food Institute, Brian joined the NJEDA in 2021. As Senior Advisor, Food Desert Relief, Brian works to develop and implement programs that strengthen food security in New Jersey’s designated Food Desert Communities by supporting food retailers and other key players in the food system.