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The number of employees working from home has doubled since mid-March, according to national pollster Gallup. No surprise there as the coronavirus crisis forced businesses to close their workplaces or severely restrict who can go into the office.

Perhaps a little surprising is how quickly employees embraced remote work. According to the latest polling from Gallup, a solid majority (59%) say they want to continue working remotely as much as possible once the stay-at-home orders are lifted. Gallup: US Workers Beginning to Like Working Remotely

“Employers have had to become agile in response to the pandemic,” Gallup writer Megan Brenan says. “Since mid-March, Gallup has been tracking how U.S. workers have been dealing with the disruptions to their lives and their jobs. The percentage of workers who say their employer is offering them flex time or remote work options has grown from 39% at that time to 57%….”

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