Creating a User Account & Joining Online

NJBIA member companies have access to powerful advocacy, networking, information and money saving benefits.

Download Account Setup & Join Instructions.

NOTE: NJBIA Membership is primarily company-based. Out-of-State Companies and Students please email Member Services or call 609-393-7707.

  1. You will need to create a User Account to JOIN online.
  2. You will need a User Account to register for certain events.
  3. Please use your Email as your username.
  4. When the User Account is setup, you will be given the option to join NJBIA.

Create User Account


  • JOIN with a New User Account

    Instructions for creating a User Profile to JOIN:

    1. Create a User Account (Please use your business email address as your Username.)
    2. You will be emailed a verification code.  Use this to proceed to Account Creation. If you do not receive a code, please check your junk folder.
    3. Input required individual user information (name, telephone, address, etc.) and click NEXT at bottom of the page.
    4. The system will ask if you are affiliated with a company.  Begin typing your company name.
      1. If your company populates this field, select it and click NEXT
      2. If your company does not populate this field, select MY COMPANY DOES NOT APPEAR button and enter the required company data. When complete, click NEXT at bottom of page.
    5. Create your company profile if it is not in our system.  Include the number of your company’s full-time employees.  This determines your dues category.
    6. You will be given the option to purchase membership Add-ons.
    7. Add your membership to the Cart and Check-out.
    8. Welcome to the NJBIA family of companies!
  • JOIN with an Existing User Account

    Instructions for joining with an Existing User Profile

    NOTE: NJBIA is an Company-based membership.  You must be associated with a company to join online. If you have a user account but are not attached to a company, please email Member Services or call 609-393-7707.

    Existing User Sign-in


    1. Log Into Your User Account
    2. If you are attached to a company, select the Org Membership from the dropdown and complete the online questions. Use the Next link at the bottom of the page to proceed through each section.  If your company is not setup within our system, please enter the required company data. When complete, click NEXT at bottom of page.
    3. Add your dues to the Shopping Cart then Checkout to finish online membership purchase.
    Portal Icons

If you already created a user account, but did not create a company account, or if you have any questions, please contact us at Member Services or call 609-393-7707.

Annual membership dues cover a 12-month period, beginning with the month your membership begins. There will be no refund of any part of an employer’s dues because of termination of membership during the 12-month period.