NJBIA members now have the opportunity to participate in a group health benefits plan no matter how small their group may be.

NJBIA has partnered with Association Master Trust (AMT) to offer access to comprehensive group benefits with all the advantages of network services and modern claims administration.

“Year after year, when we send our member survey out, our members tell us that healthcare costs are the No. 1 business concern today,” said NJBIA Chief Business Relations Officer Wayne Staub. “This is something NJBIA has been working on for many years, and we were able to bring it to a conclusion and offer a benefit that I think is outstanding.”

To get a quote, NJBIA members can go here.

Staub was joined by AMT’s Harvey Mishkin this morning to present the plan to a group of NJBIA member companies and answer any questions.

About 1,550 employers participate in AMT. The largest has about 1,200 employees, but the very smallest companies and even sole proprietors can participate.

“We can work with any size company,” Mishkin said. “That runs all the way down to those with a couple of employee lives, and we compete very, very well with the standard small employer products that are available in the conventional insured market.”

Mishkin said AMT offers PPOs, HMOs, EPOs and Direct Access plans as well as Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). Dental coverage and life insurance benefits are also available. Healthcare coverage is provided through Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey and Delta Dental.

AMT can give most small businesses (those with 15 or fewer employees) a quote on the spot.  For larger companies, AMT must analyze their needs first and provide them with the best options.

“Our expenses are controlled, and at the end of the year, if there’s any money left over, who does it go to? It goes back to you guys,” the businesses, Mishkin said.

The program is known legally as a MEWA, or Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement.

To learn more, visit the Association Master Trust website, or contact Joy Castagno at AMT at 973-379-1090, ext. 229 or James Kelly at ext. 243.

3 responses to “Group Health Benefits Now Available for Individual NJBIA Member Companies”

  1. Our company is interested. Since we already utilize Horizon BCBS, can we expect to lower our rates? Will existing illnesses be covered if we switch?

    • wayne staub says:

      We can not answer questions about specific rates, because we are not licensed brokers. I would call our partner who administers the program for NJBIA members. Association Master Trust can be reached at 973-379-1090 ext. 229 or 243. These two lines have been dedicated to NJBIA members. You can also go to the online quote system we have on our website http://www.njbia.org.

  2. Jenine Serritella says:

    I have an appointment with a doctor tomorrow and they have asked for the Declaration Page to our health plan. Can you email this to my email at
    973 980-9992 cell
    Thank you
    Jenine Serritella Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield plan Direct Access HAA3HZN15795170