Americans’ view of U.S. healthcare coverage is at its lowest point in nine years even as their attitudes toward their personal healthcare continue to be significantly more positive, a new report by Gallup finds.

On quality, U.S. healthcare gets positive marks, with 54 percent rating it as good or excellent. On coverage, however, U.S. healthcare scores only 29 percent good or excellent, its lowest rating since hitting 26 percent in 2008. Similarly, only 20 percent rate the cost of healthcare good or excellent.

By contrast, 77 percent of Americans view the quality of their personal healthcare as good or excellent, with similar results for cost and coverage.

“Since 2001, Gallup has found that Americans’ assessments of their own healthcare — its quality, coverage and costs — are typically better than their assessments of healthcare in the country overall,” Gallup says. “This is consistent with a larger pattern found in Gallup research on such topics as crime, education and governance.”

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