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Democrat Andy Kim has claimed victory in the 3rd Congressional District after mail-in ballots gave him a 2,600-vote lead over Republican Incumbent Tom MacArthur in Tuesday’s election.

MacArthur, who was clinging to a 2,400-vote lead yesterday, has not conceded, but barring any surprises, Kim will be the new congressman.

“It is an honor and a privilege to be the next Congressman from the 3rd Congressional District,” Kim told supporters yesterday.

Kim’s victory would complete a near Democratic sweep of the congressional elections in the state. The lone Republican to win on Tuesday was long-term incumbent Chris Smith, whose race was not considered competitive.

Democrats held onto-the Senate seat with the re-election of Bob Menendez, knocked off incumbent Leonard Lance in the 7th District and picked up two open Republican seats in the 2nd and 11th Districts.

The results contributed to the Democrats claiming a majority in the House of Representatives, winning more than 30 seats nationwide.  If Kim’s victory holds, it would give Democrats a 226-198 majority in the House, while in the Senate, Republicans are expected to increase their majority to as much as 54-46. Republican candidates lead in Florida and Arizona, but winners have not been declared yet.