NJBIA President and CEO Michele N. Siekerka, Esq. issued the following statement regarding multiple COVID-19 response bills being voted on today that will provide relief to New Jersey businesses.

“NJBIA has continued appreciation for the efforts of our leadership to put the health and safety of all New Jersey residents first.
“Earlier this month, knowing the great challenges the response to this health crisis has put on business and the economy, NJBIA and more than 50 leading business associations sent a letter to Governor Murphy and the Legislature with recommendations for a COVID-19 Legislative and Administrative Relief Package for New Jersey businesses and nonprofits. Several of those recommendations were introduced last week and are being voted on today.
“We are very pleased the Legislature is prioritizing efforts to bring relief to New Jersey businesses. So many of our businesses need as much assistance as they can get, and they need it quickly. Some of these bills are not perfect yet, but NJBIA looks forward to continuing to work with the Legislature and Governor to provide relief to our businesses struggling in this public health crisis.
“New Jersey needs to be prepared to bounce back from this unprecedented time. Ensuring that our businesses have the necessary resources to stay afloat as we endure this crisis together will ultimately be an essential step in our recovery.”

3 responses to “Legislature to Act on Coronavirus Relief Measures for Businesses”

  1. Jack says:

    The NJEDA loan which opened this am was over subscribed in 28 minutes! Total amount available was $10 million. 10 times that amount is needed.

  2. Lucille Moss says:

    Governor Murphy is very good at telling all of the businesses and landlords they can’t penalize individuals for non payment for months but I am curious as to why he doesn’t do the one quick thing that would help small businesses without waiting for loans or filling out paperwork? Why isn’t he handling sales tax the way he is telling all the other companies to handle their services? That would help all the small businesses immediately.