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Marotta Controls, a rapidly growing aerospace and defense supplier with a 65-year-plus heritage in spaceflight, celebrated a production milestone on Tuesday by delivering its 30,000th CoRe valve to SpaceX at its rocket development site in McGregor, Texas.

The NJBIA member company based in Montville has experienced a 50% increase in demand for the high performance, reusable solenoid valves in less than 18 months.

The CoRe Flow Controls series includes 10 of the company’s most versatile solenoid valves capable of supporting various industrial flow control applications. These range from Attitude Control and Propellant Systems to Landing Leg Deployment and Stage Separation.

“We can continue to celebrate the uniqueness of our CoRe series. In fact, over the past few years, we’ve invested heavily in our related production capabilities in response to the growing demand,” said Max Wolfinger, vice president of Space Systems, Marotta Controls.

Our engineering team understood what spacecraft manufacturers needed with respect to system performance, usability, and quality,” Wolfinger said. “We also understood the importance of rapid production and part commonality — aspects driven by the rise of commercial spaceflight programs. Our CoRe valves satisfy all ofthose requirements and more.”

The CoRe series’ popularity is largely driven by its quality and flexibility along with product accessibility. The CoRe products stand as one of the only catalog valve portfolios for spaceflight. They are built with common, high volume production components—an approach that allows for a cost-effective valve option with short production lead times.

CoRe valves are currently found in more than 10 vehicle platforms for customers launching more than 100 rockets per year, both domestically and internationally. They continue to be used in ground control and deep space applications, as well.CoRe valves are designed for one- to three-quarter inch lines; handle fluids such as helium, methane, nitrogen, and oxygen; and are qualified to the Air Force Space Command’s (AFSC) SMC-S-016 standard for 10-flights. The latest models—the direct-acting MV100X and the pilot-operated MV524X—are designed for cryogenic temperatures.

About Marotta Controls
Marotta Controls is a fully integrated solutions provider which designs, develops, qualifies and manufactures innovative systems and sub-systems for the aerospace and defense sectors. The company’s portfolio includes pressure, power, motion, fluid, and electronic controls for tactical systems, shipboard and sub-sea applications, satellites, launch vehicles and aircraft systems. With over 200 patents, Marotta Controls continues to build on its legacy as a highly respected, family-owned small business.