Gov. Phil Murphy this week the first substantive steps toward loosening restrictions on New Jersey’s lockdown as he allowed state and county parks and golf courses to open. But as NJ Spotlight reports, pressure is building to go further.

Senate leaders of both parties are urging the new commission tasked with laying out a plan for reopening businesses to consider opening “low-risk” locations such as construction sites and car sales.

“Business leader have been saying much the same, including The New Jersey Business & Industry Association, which released a survey of members that found 70% saying they were ready to reopen safely, albeit with some concerns that they will still suffer under the restrictions.

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2 responses to “Murphy Takes First Steps to Reopen as Pressure Builds”

  1. Patrick Deo says:

    First , why do we need a commission of 21 people to look into opening of New Jersey? It’s hard enough to get a dozen people to agree on tough subjects let alone 21. Second, why is there no Certified Public Accountants or representative of a business organization on the commission when the subject not only involves everyday life but a lot of businesses of all sizes

  2. Leonard Liberto says:

    Construction is already open as per Murphy last week. Stop back peddling