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2023 New Jersey Women Business Leaders Forum REGISTER

State environmental officials have updated the online registration form that manufacturers must complete by next month under a new state law setting minimum post-consumer recycled content standards for certain paper and plastic packaging.

The Department of Environmental Protection announced on Thursday it has revised the online  Recycled Content Manufacturer Registration Form to require an electronic signature by the designated representative of the manufacturer.

The registration form is still due by July 18, and then annually thereafter. DEP will bill businesses the $1,000 registration fee once the completed form is received. Manufacturers who gross less than $5 million annually, or those who manufacture only products that are exempt from the law, may file for an exemption from the $1,000 registration fee.

DEP said it is still in the process of revising the previously available spreadsheet that manufacturers must use to list brands of covered products. The deadline for submitting the separate spreadsheet has been extended for one year until July 18, 2023. Manufacturers are advised to check back on NJDEP’s website for further information about the spreadsheet.

“Manufacturers have been reporting problems with the registration process and DEP says it is trying to make that operate more smoothly with these changes,” NJBIA Vice President of Government Affairs Ray Cantor said.

The law signed by Gov. Phil Murphy in January was intended to reduce pollution and stimulate recycling markets by setting minimum post-consumer recycled content standards for a variety of products sold or offered for sale in New Jersey. The law affects rigid plastic containers, plastic beverage containers, glass containers, plastic and paper carryout bags and plastic trash bags.

Registration instructions and the Recycled Manufacturer Content Registration Form can be found on DEP’s website. Questions can be directed to NJDEP Division of Sustainable Waste Management at 609-984-4250 or by emailing