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This week, the New Jersey Business Coalition, which includes NJBIA and more than 80 other business groups, sent a new letter to Gov. Phil Murphy and the Legislature, urging critical next steps needed for businesses to prepare to reopen.

Among other requests, it asks for the establishment of specific guidance, metrics, targets and risk assessment levels so businesses can advance through the stages set in the Governor’s “Road Back” plan earlier this week.

“While we respect the process, we must strongly emphasize that time is of the essence for too many in our business community,” the letter reads. “Many have reported to us they are already out of money or nearing the end of any rainy day or surplus funds that they once had on hand. Nine weeks with little or no income is something many never imagined.

“Predictability and certainty are needed right now in order to be prepared to reopen. This affects how businesses will establish and execute on a new business model, as well as how to access capital as business plans are needed to do so.”

Regarding guidance, the letter requests that best practices established by multiple business sectors be turned into specific guidance, similar to what New York and California have done in their recovery efforts.

“Businesses need predictability to know exactly what will be expected of them when they open,” the letter reads.

“Proper preparation takes time and money. With money scarce right now for so many employers, every last penny must be effectively spent toward the correct reopening, ensuring no dollar is wasted on unnecessary operational costs that may or may not be needed.”

Earlier this week, Gov. Murphy said industries will be able reopen based on their risk levels. The letter asks how any risk level will be determined. The coalition urges that a modeling tool be established to determine a business’ risk factor “and then to ascertain what steps they need to take to mitigate that risk in order to reopen.” Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce has advanced a similar risk assessment tool.

To view the full letter, click here.