NJ Department of Banking and Insurance Commissioner Marlene Caride speaking April 24 to members of NJBIA and the State Chamber of Commerce

NJ Department of Banking and Insurance Commissioner Marlene Caride speaking April 24 to members of NJBIA and the State Chamber of Commerce

New Jersey is trying to hold on to key components of the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) as the Trump administration, with the help of the previous Congress, has been trying to dismantle the Obama administration’s signature accomplishment.

At a Meet the Decision Makers event Wednesday, NJ Department of Banking and Insurance Commissioner Marlene Caride told members of NJBIA and the State Chamber of Commerce that Gov. Phil Murphy’s plan for a state-based insurance exchange would give New Jersey the control over healthcare policy it needs. The state plans to have its exchange up and running by 2021, Caride said.

Currently, New Jersey is one of a majority of states where the uninsured can shop for insurance in the federal healthcare marketplace created by the ACA, but the law allows states to set up their own health insurance exchanges for the same purpose.

Caride said such a move would provide several advantages for New Jersey, beginning with more local control.

“Because we operate on the federal exchange, we are subject to the whims of the federal administration, which has only been making efforts to damage and destabilize the market,” Caride said.

A state-based exchange will give New Jersey more control over the open-enrollment period and access to data that will help it regulate the market, target outreach to uninsured populations, and better inform policy decisions, she said.

It will also allow the state to keep the user fees that currently are paid to the federal government. New Jersey will be able to fund its exchange operating costs, assist consumers, and conduct outreach and advocacy.

“Stabilizing the market ensures that your members are able to obtain affordable healthcare coverage as well as offer their employees quality and affordable healthcare coverage as well,” Caride said. “That’s why the governor’s plan to codify many of the ACA consumer protections is important.”

The move toward a state-based exchange comes on top of several policy changes in New Jersey’s individual healthcare market, one of three state-regulated marketplaces.  Last year, the Murphy administration imposed a state-level mandate for individuals to maintain health insurance coverage and implemented a reinsurance plan that lowered premiums in the individual market by 9.3%.


13 responses to “NJ Needs a State-based Health Insurance Exchange to Protect against Trump”

  1. Ronald Ferrarotti says:

    How much will the proposal cost NJ taxpayers. Based, the speech, the self- funding assertion is vague.

  2. Steve J says:

    “the Obama administration’s signature accomplishment.”

    I’m not sure you should call it an “accomplishment” in a group populated by so many self employed people who saw their rates double and their benefits go functionally to zero.

  3. Brian says:

    The beauty of having the federal government run it, is that we are not at risk of the cost of the program. Looking at how cost efficient our state and local governments are; PLEASE do not take on something new that will end up costing taxpayers more in the end.

  4. Tim says:

    I seem to remember my health insurance having much better coverage and costing a whole lot less before the ACA. How about we scrap Obama’s signature accomplishment in it’s entirety and go back to the free market approach.

    • Edmundas Svedas says:

      Me too back in 2005 had hernia surgery $75 out of my pocket $264 monthly premium
      2016 other hernia surgery $6500 out of my pocket $1120 monthly premium

      I can do a math? Obamacare is better than my old one?

  5. Peter Blok says:

    Will the madness out of Trenton ever stop?! Obama care was a mess. Making a NJ version will be a disaster. Stop It! The twits in Trenton can’t fix the roads, what makes anyone think they can positively contribute to anything as complex as healthcare.

  6. Jerry Butler says:

    NJ needs Hospitalsure because it’s all universal and all free market plus it works with diversified insurance carriers. The market for Hospitalsure in NJ is over 9 million people because of new revolutionary population based premium metrics. All this nonsense above is a political stunt to attack Trump and it will leave NJ BROKE. Hospitalsure is an economic solution to an economic problem. All this nonsense above is a political shell game which leaves NJ’s health insurance monopoly intact, the market as a whole balkanized with continuing billions of dollars or waste, fraud and abuse and it will only give consumers the illusion of being able to shop for healthcare plus it won’t lower one property tax bill.

  7. jon says:

    ACA is a disaster for the USA and New Jersey causing higher deductibles and monthly payments that people can’t afford. WE DO NOT have to protect against President Trump he is doing a great job and we will vote him back into office in 2020 !

    Steve Wilson you must be a Trump hating Democrat, too bad Steve, Trump will win in 2020 !

  8. Edmundas Svedas says:

    I did left Obamacare $1250 a month plan to Christian Care I pay $301 a month for family of four!
    And it does cover better then Obama nonsense, my kids doctor bills went down
    They do care if you smoke or drink and if you have healthy life style you get 20% discount!
    This Obamacare has to go!

  9. Edmundas Svedas says:

    Marlene Caride WE DO NOT NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!!

    TRUMP 2020!!!

  10. Jessica Williams says:

    How about you stop blaming Obama and start blaming Trump and the insurance/pharmaceutical companies he allows to charge whatever they want? All thanks to a Republican led plan that doesn’t allow federal negotiation for prescription drugs.

    • jon says:

      Boy, are you a naïve Liberal. Obamacare is a disaster. You need to wake up.

      After 8 years of a arrogant , elitist , racist we finally have a real President.

      Trump 2020 !