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NJBIA supported a bill this week that attempts to prevent New York from taxing New Jersey workers who have stopped commuting into New York City or other parts of the Empire State since the pandemic. 

“We have a lot of people that have not worked in Manhattan for a day in years and yet they’re paying all of their income taxes to New York State,” Emigholz told the Assembly Commerce and Economic Development Committee. “And we’re not seeing any of that. 

“There are estimates that it could be billions of dollars that New Jersey is losing out. And that can go toward a lot of important things that you guys are all talking about in the scope of the budget process right now. So, this is a good bill in the right direction.” 

Bill A-4694 passed unanimously in both the Assembly Commerce and Economic Development and Assembly Appropriations Committee on Thursday.  

The legislation comes amid a battle between New Jersey and New York over a plan to mandate congestion tolling for motorists entering New York City south of 60th Street. 

Emigholz also told the committee that stopping New York from taxing New Jersey employees who are working from home may also require a Supreme Court decision.