Citing NJBIA’s efforts on advocacy, workforce development, and its award-winning research, South Jersey Biz magazine has named NJBIA President and CEO Michele N. Siekerka to its list of top CEOs and CFOs.

She was the only business association executive to make the list.

“Under Siekerka’s leadership, NJBIA advocates for a reform agenda to combat the outmigration of wealth and talent from New Jersey, as evidenced by NJBIA’s award-winning research,” the magazine said.

The magazine noted that the business climate is “anything but steady,” but that the people on the list have the leadership skills and business acumen to make their organizations successful in spite of the challenges.

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3 responses to “NJBIA’s Siekerka Named to List of Top CEOs”

  1. Donald W Wicklund says:

    Michele seems to be the only person to understand how businesses work and that employers should not be made to become the enemy of employees. When companies provide jobs for people to earn a living and then new rules are created by the government to force employers to follow unreasonable new laws it seems like the whole thing has become kind of backwards. Where would we be without someone like Michele to keep an eye on these things. She has my vote for the next governor election.

  2. Brian Neuwirth says:

    Michele Congrats
    Well deserved

  3. Sal schibell says:

    Michele is definitely top shelf in all her endeavors . I wish her the best of luck and congratulation for a well deserved recognition .