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“It remains a ‘bull market’ for wage and hour class actions, with no crash in sight,” write William Anthony and Stephanie Adler-Paindiris in the Jackson Lewis Class Action Trends report.

Released Wednesday, the report is designed to help employers understand how wage and hour cases work so they can reduce their exposure on things like employees changing into and out of uniforms, powering up machinery, or pooling their tips.

Anthony and Adler-Paindiris said wage and our class actions are up 450 percent since 2000, and procedurally, the deck appears stacked against employers.

However, “After you read this edition, you should come away with a better understanding of the risks your company faces in collective and class-action claims. We urge you to absorb this material and apply it to find any potential vulnerability that a plaintiff’s attorney may exploit in a lawsuit. Indeed, preparation is the only way to avoid failure in the defense against class and collective wage and hour claims.”

Go here to download the report.