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NJBIA President and CEO MIchele Siekerka was a featured guest Saturday on “One on One with Steve Adubato,” where she discussed the annual New Jersey Women’s Leadership Forum and the key role that relationship-building has in building your personal brand. 

Building your brand isn’t about self-promotion, it’s about building and strengthening relationships that advance successful businesses and careers, Siekerka said. 

“You create your brand, your persona, by how you’re seen by how you’re seen, by how you act, by how you engage and then people come to know you in a certain way,” Siekerka said.  

The annual New Jersey Women Business Leaders Forum, powered by NJBIA, is a great way to network and create new relationships that are key to establishing your personal brand, she said. 

The WBLF draws over 400 corporate and nonprofit leaders, entrepreneurs, and students each year for engaging discussions led by women leaders who help attendees learn how to create successful businesses and advance in their careers. The ability to network and make personal connections at the WBLF is what makes it such a dynamic event, she said. 

“For relationship building, to take it deeper, you have to been in a room,” Siekerka said. “You have to feel the energy, you have to feel the warmth, you have to see the body language, you have to be able to have a sidebar…,” Siekerka said. 

Videos from the 9th Annual New Jersey Women Business Leaders Forum in Newark can be viewed  here. The 10th Annual New Jersey Business Leaders Forum is already booked for Sept. 25-26, 2024, at Bally’s in Atlantic City, Siekerka said. 

To view Siekerka’s interview with Steve Adubato that aired last weekend on WNET, go here.