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Advancements in healthcare technology have provided tremendous benefits in the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and industries, and made the United States a leader in quality care.

However, technology has been slow to improve costs and efficiency of things like record-keeping and billing in the healthcare industry.  That is starting to change.

Technology is giving consumers and businesses more control over their healthcare, from accessing their medical information to finding the best prices for services. NJBIA has found three apps that could help employers control costs and deal with the laws and regulations surrounding healthcare.


This app offers physician consultations over the phone for non-serious health conditions—your child has a fever or a rash, for instance. Type in the condition, and a physician from the Teladoc network will return the call with an average wait time of ten minutes. It also allows you to exchange images with the doctor or video conference with them if necessary.

Teladoc is the largest of the telehealth doctor services, and it’s available only through employers.

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This app, which is offered by the Teladoc company, can help employers control costs by redirecting claims away from more expensive healthcare options.

It puts users in contact electronically with a board-certified physician within 10 minutes or so of an inquiry. The company says a doctor’s appointment conducted through the HealthiestYou platform has a 92 percent first-call resolution rate, which prevents unnecessary trips to the ER or urgent care center for non-emergencies.

Beyond the tremendous savings in the visit itself, there are significant savings in productivity. HealthiestYou can even redirect an employer’s biggest healthcare utilizers to more cost-effective solutions.

For more information on Teladoc and HealthiestYou, contact Barbara Anzalone at 561-252-3300 or .



Sensitive data stolen by faceless thieves who breached your company’s seemingly secure network has become a familiar scenario and a potentially catastrophic one. Databreach 411 helps businesses navigate the proper response protocols, which differ from state to state. Created by the Fox Rothchild law firm, the app is a “one stop shop” for state-specific details on what to do, and who, when and how to notify those affected should their information be compromised.

This includes breach notifications rules and other pertinent information required by HIPAA if protected health information is lost or stolen.