“It’s time to make New Jersey affordable again,” says Mike Deak of My Central Jersey. He wrote a profile of Opportunity New Jersey’s upcoming Affordability Summit, to be hosted by NJBIA’s Michele Siekerka and Thomas Bracken of the NJ Chamber of Commerce. The two Opportunity NJ cofounders have been working to get the state’s business groups to pool their experience and expertise in an effort to reduce the cost of living and working in New Jersey.

According to a study by NJBIA, “…outmigration is fueled not only by senior citizens looking to escape the highest property tax bills in the United States, but by millennials between the ages of 18 and 34 who have difficulty with the burden of paying college loans, high rents and even auto insurance,” the article states.

Opportunity New Jersey’s Affordability Summit will be held Sept. 18 at the First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens in Somerset.

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One response to “Time to Make New Jersey Affordable Again”

  1. William Zeus, Jr. says:

    1. Pass right-to-unionize AND right-to work amendment to the state constitution; 1st to protect workers, the 2nd to promote business growth in NJ
    2. Pass a usury law; US treasury bill rate plus 10% should be maximum interest rate
    3. Enact a 1% state income tax surcharge on unadjusted earnings over $450,000 earmarked solely to pay down the public workers pension deficit
    4. Increase public worker retirement age by 5 years with no buy-outs. Reduce public worker pension payment by 10% for those who live out-of-state after retirement
    5. Ban health-care networks. The cost of health care should and must be the same for everyone no matter who pays the bill
    6. Pass and enforce a 2% Decrease per year in property taxes for the next 5 years with NO exclusions such as health care or pension costs.
    7. Scrap prevailing wages & rules on NJ public works projects; award work to licensed-and-in-good-standing NJ firms whenever possible; establish a Made-In-NJ or, if not possible, Made-In-US rule for all public purchases