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From this weekend’s ‘Minding Your Business’ on News 12+, New Jersey Resources President and CEO Steve Westhoven discussed how NJR is aligning with New Jersey’s – and its own – carbon reduction goals through decarbonized fuels and its existing infrastructure.

Westhoven also told host Bob Considine the importance of the public understanding the options of arriving at a clean energy future – and that decarbonized fuels would not require new infrastructure or retrofits to anyone who has a home powered by natural gas.

In fact, New Jersey Natural Gas is already utilizing 100% renewable green hydrogen using its existing home heating pipeline network in its service territory in Howell.

“I think it’s important (people know) from a policy standpoint,” Westhoven said. “When we consider how we’re going to build our homes of the future, when we consider how we’re going to use our energy more efficiently, I think we need to consider our uses of all the infrastructure that we have.

“Ultimately, that policy drive needs to be understood by everyone. Everyone needs to understand how we get to that clean energy future. In order to align with policy, we have to minimize those costs, still keep the same level of reliability

“There’s some time factor that’s associated with this as well. How quickly can we get there? We all know that building new infrastructure is difficult.  So using the existing infrastructure makes all the sense in the world.

With Earth Day approaching this week, Westhoven also discussed with host how NJR is also meeting its sustainability agenda through its Coastal Climate Initiative.

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