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Chrissy Buteas

Chrissy Buteas, Chief Government Affairs Officer

New Jersey’s Division of Consumer Affairs has issued an administrative order allowing salon instructors to teach, one of the objectives of NJBIA and the Salon and Spa Alliance since the pandemic’s peak last year.

The Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling will issue temporary permits to applicants pending passage of their practical examination for licensure, while also waiving the temporary permit fee.

“This is a positive and long-awaited step and we are grateful to DCA, which we have great working relationship with,” said Chrissy Buteas, NJBIA Chief Government Affairs Officer. “There are many instructors who have been unable to get their licenses to the detriment of the workforce, employer, and, of course, the training schools. We are pleased that this obstacle has finally been removed.”

Last year, NJBIA had worked to  secure a one-year extension on all licensing permits that had expired during the pandemic.

More information and access to a temporary teacher’s permit application can be found here.