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Virtual Meeting March 4 8:30 pm - 10:00 am Free NJBIA Events Team Email Website Registration

Peter Drucker says, “the definition of leaders is someone who has followers.”  John Maxwell says, “leadership is influence-nothing more, nothing less.”  

Did you know that nearly 1/2 of leaders do not receive effective training for their role and 1/3 of the managers leave their job within the first 3 years? 

We believe your leadership is the path to greater success for you and your company.  

Join us for an interactive Leadership Masterclass designed to begin your process of uplevelling the skills you need to be an effective leader.  During this 90-minute virtual event, we will dive into: 

  • The 4 Hats of Leadership (Supervision, Training, Mentoring and Coaching) 
  • Navigating organizational change 
  • Reactive vs Responsive Leadership 

You’ll participate in facilitated virtual breakout rooms to work with peers determining your leadership style, conquering challenges, and to receive feedback on how you can be an exceptional leader. 

This webinar is a preview of the transformational, year-long, Leadership Masterclass beginning in April.  Click here for early access and full details. 

Free for members and non members 

Meet Our Speakers

Donna Miller Donna Miller Chief Visionary Officer, C3 Workplace & Founder, Donna Miller Business Growth Consulting

Donna Miller is Chief Visionary Officer at C3Workplace and Founder of Donna Miller Business Growth Consulting.  She is a business growth expert, a community leader, a speaker, an educator and an entrepreneur who is passionate about helping businesses thrive.

She and her team have helped thousands of companies accelerate their growth by providing advisory & support services around operations, marketing, business development and finance. She believes that companies should be a force for good, that a rising tide lifts all boats, and she very much believes in the power of collaboration – the C3 in C3Workplace stands for Connect, Collaborate, Community.

Donna speaks regularly on topics that help businesses and professionals to thrive. She is engaging, fun, informative, inspirational, and always makes sure the audience walks away with value (action steps). She facilitates panels and speaks regularly at major events across the country.


Cal Thomas Cal Thomas Performance Development Expert, Sandler Training

For over 25 years, Cal has been teaching, training and coaching professionals and business owners to improve both their business performance and their personal performance.; With C-level sales expertise spanning a broad range of industries and operational experience with Fortune 100 companies to sole proprietorship, he brings an exceptional breadth of understanding to help his clients excel in their sales and management roles.

Please visit, for more information.