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“Equal pay” is far from being a “women’s issue”. Pay gaps happen for all sorts of reasons, and to men, too. A recent study revealed that the #1 response to discovering a gap is to look for another job.

One of the savviest calls an employer can make is having equitable and future-proof compensation practices, especially in NJ’s progressive compliance landscape. Integral to executive support is an understanding of “the business case” – the levers through which your practices can either deliver powerful ROIs or cause an expensive and newsworthy disaster.

We’re also in an era of paradigms shifts (ex: increasing transparency in job postings) and among NJ Gen Z job candidates:

· 87% care more about “fair compensation” than other “perks” (ex: refreshments on site, wellness programming, etc.)

· 68% believe that an organization with pay gaps does not have a strong DEI commitment

If your organization seeks to be a DEI leader and win the best talent, join us to receive these powerful and actionable insights:

· The “business case” for equal pay, through lenses that your leaders care about

· Highlights of NJ’s equal pay requirements, considered some of the toughest in the nation

· Fresh insights from NJ job candidates with implications for your recruiting, retention, revenue, and reputation

· An assessment tool (“Grade Your Pay”) to gauge how your organization’s compensation practices stack up, illuminating areas of risk

Meet Our Featured Speaker

Shell Bobev
Shell Bobev Shell Bobev Founder, Disrupt The Gap

Shell Bobev is the founder of Disrupt The Gap, the experts in equitable talent practices. After advocating for her own equal pay in the corporate world, she realized a calling to create bold solutions for systemic change. Disrupt The Gap guides organizations with implementing future-proof compensation practices, delivering positive business outcomes far beyond mere legal compliance. Among other degrees, Shell holds a Masters of Adult Education from Rutgers, and Certifications in Human Resources & DEI. With a background in talent development, she has impacted thousands of people across corporate, community, and university settings.