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Virtual Meeting July 19 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Zoom Video Conferencing

The Neuroscience Behind Effective Leadership

What makes certain leaders exceptional? And how does exceptional leadership predict business growth?

Great leaders not only make boardrooms happy with accelerated growth trajectories, they retain employees, garner loyalty, and build teams that are not afraid to be innovative.

Dr. Wu has built a new, scientific framework of leadership that is centered on Why People Follow. He applies a holistic approach to understanding our fundamental desire for safety and belonging. His research has uncovered many proven techniques and skills that empower leaders to make smart, impactful decisions. By employing the Neuroscience of Leadership taught by Dr. Wu, leaders of all levels have seen more predictable and reliable outcomes.

In this science-based, content-rich webinar Dr. Wu will discuss:

  • Discover how emotion impacts decisions and how little we can control our emotions
  • Explore what makes people follow and what makes people bond
  • Explore the myth about leading with empathy and identify a better alternative
  • Find out why a “positive attitude” can sometimes backfire
  • Develop the awareness of leadership decision blind spots

His Big Think program on stress and his TED Talk on Neuromarketing have been watched by over 2+ million people. The reason why droves of business leaders flock to listen to Dr. Terry Wu is simple, his ideas are backed by science, and they work!

Dr. Wu is back by overwhelming popular demand to discuss the neuroscience behind effective leadership.