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It would seem the public is taking coronavirus social distancing seriously, despite some well-publicized incidents of irresponsible gatherings.

According to Gallup, 3 out of 4 Americans say they are either completely isolating themselves (28%) from people outside their households or mostly isolating (47%).

The numbers have risen since March 16, when only 51% reported that they were self-isolating, and March 26, when 73% reported self-isolating. As of last Sunday, it has ticked up to 75%. Rounding out the Gallup Panel poll, conducted April 3-5, were 16% saying they are partially isolating and 6% saying they were isolating “a little.”

It’s unclear what if any difference there is between self-isolating and social distancing. The question put to respondents used the term self-isolating, while New Jersey has a policy of social distancing, which includes staying at home as much as possible and remaining at least  6 feet apart from other people when outside the home.

Not surprisingly, those who are still working were less likely to report that they are at least mostly isolating (69%) than those who were not currently working (84%).  Similarly, 84% of those in urban areas, which have generally be hit hardest by coronavirus, reported mostly or completely isolating compared to 79% for those in the suburbs and 67% in rural areas.

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