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A 26-minute video highlighting cultural growth in Trenton launches today through a coordinated internet release by over a dozen New Jersey educational and civic organizations.  Called Heart of the City-Trenton, the video features local leaders such as the presidents of Mercer County College and Thomas Edison State University, NJ State Museum paleontologist David Parris, and urban planner David Bosted, as well as the Trenton Thunder baseball team, Passage Theatre, and Grounds for Sculpture.


“To convey Trenton’s renewed civic energy, we interviewed various community leaders and focused on eleven stories about cultural growth,” says Susan Haig, CivicStory Founder & Creative Director and the show’s executive producer.  “The sense of potential in the Capital City is palpable.”


The Trenton Episode run-down is as follows:
1:30 – Trenton Art All Night – ArtWorks [2013]

3:29 – Old Barracks Museum Guides

5:10 – Roebling Center Redevelopment

6:32 – NJ Anchor Institutions Presidents Jianping Wang (MCCC) & George Pruitt              (TESU)

8:38 – Urban Agriculture Conference at Trenton War Memorial – John A. Watson              Institute

10:24 – Isles Community Gardens with master gardener Jim Simon

13:41 – NJ State Museum Paleontologist David Parris

15:12 – Trenton City Museum – Paul Robeson Exhibit

17:40 – Trenton Thunder – AA baseball team

19:23 – Passage Theatre’s Dancescapes with DanceSpora [2012]

22:13 – Grounds for Sculpture & Boheme Opera [2013]


Organizations assisting with the Internet release include Choose New Jersey, City of Trenton, Creative New Jersey, Family Promise, Greater Trenton, I AM  Trenton Community Foundation, MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce, New Jersey Coalition of Anchor Institutions, and the Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce, among others.


Produced by CivicStory, a Summit-based nonprofit news site, the video combines recent and ‘evergreen’ news segments that maintain relevance over time.  The episode is hosted by Pastor Karen Hernandez-Granzen (Westminster Presbyterian Church), with videography by Tim Stollery and video editing by Sonia Schnee.


The Heart of the City-Trenton episode sponsor is NJM Insurance Group, and the

Heart of the City series sponsor is Investors Bank and Investors Bank Foundation.


Full episode:

Trailer:                  [1:20]


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About CivicStory:

CivicStory is a nonprofit news site focused on civics, sustainability, and creative growth in New Jersey cities.   Our mission is to advance solutions-based news about citizens creating change, and to strengthen a non-partisan, no-blame space for public discourse.


CivicStory’s news partners include New Jersey Spotlight, NJTV, WHYY, NJ News Commons, Jersey Access Group (JAG), HomeTowne TV (Summit), and Solutions Journalism Network.  CivicStory is a member of INN (Institute for Nonprofit News), a national umbrella organization for nonprofit news entities.


CivicStory’s is a 501 (c) (3) organization; the incorporated name is NJ Arts News.