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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) – the policies, practices and metrics that organizations use to measure the sustainability and ethical impact of their operations – has evolved from trendy to mainstream for businesses, investors, shareholders, corporations and their customers.

Proponents say ESG programs help businesses attract investors, build customer loyalty, improve financial performance, make operations sustainable and gain a competitive edge. This different approach to business thinking has also attracted backlash from critics, who contend ESG investments allocate money based on political agendas at the expense of what is best for profits and shareholders.

A recent Ernst & Young LLP-commissioned survey of C-suite executives set out to determine if ESG is a fading trend losing its appeal or a business practice that is here to stay. Its survey of 500 executives of Fortune 1,000 companies found every single respondent said ESG remains a priority, with 87% describing it as very or extremely important to their business and long-term success.

NJBIA’s 2023 Environmental, Social and Governance Conference on June 7 offers New Jersey business leaders an opportunity to learn from leading ESG experts about how to build ESG into their business models, solve key ESG challenges, and seize growth opportunities.

The hybrid event takes place in-person at the Pines Manor in Edison, with a virtual attendance option via video conferencing.

The keynote, in a fireside chat style format, will be given by Danielle Barrs, director ESG and Sustainability Solutions at Eisner Advisory Group LLC. Barr will discuss the benefits and growth opportunities that ESG offers companies. There will also be two panel discussions with experts in the ESG field:

  • “ESG: What Your Business Needs to Know.” Expert panelists will explore key ESG concepts, what it means for investment, and why national companies are expending resources to implement ESG into their business practices.
  • “How to Implement ESG at Your Company – Lessons Learned.” Expert panelists share best practices for incorporating ESG into a company’s business model and how to overcome challenges in the implementation process.

Go here to learn about the panelists participating in the ESG conference and sponsorship opportunities available for this event.