NJBIA has strongly opposed bill S-2380/A3999, which allows for a presumption that certain essential employees contracted COVID-19 on the job and shifts the response costs onto New Jersey’s workers compensation system.

Below is a list of how each member of New Jersey’s Legislature voted on this bill, which needlessly adds costs to New Jersey employers as they continue to struggle during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Session Voting:
Sen.    5/14/2020  –  3RDG FINAL PASSAGE   –  Yes {27}  No {10}  Not Voting {3}    –  Roll Call
Asm.  7/30/2020  –  SUB FOR A3999   –  Yes {0}  No {0}  Not Voting {80}  Abstains {0}  –  Voice Vote Passed
Asm.  7/30/2020  –  3RDG FINAL PASSAGE   –  Yes {42}  No {27}  Not Voting {5}  Abstains {6}  –  Roll Call

Armato, John – Yes Auth, Robert – No Benson, Daniel R. – Yes
Bergen, Brian – No Bramnick, Jon M. – No Burzichelli, John J. – Yes
Calabrese, Clinton – Abstain Caputo, Ralph R. – Yes Carter, Linda S. – Yes
Catalano, John – Not Voting Chaparro, Annette – Not Voting Chiaravalloti, Nicholas – Yes
Clifton, Robert D. – No Conaway, Herb, Jr. – Yes Coughlin, Craig J. – Yes
Dancer, Ronald S. – No Danielsen, Joe – Yes DeAngelo, Wayne P. – Yes
DeCroce, BettyLou – No DePhillips, Christopher P. – No DiMaio, John – No
DiMaso, Serena – No Downey, Joann – Yes Dunn, Aura K. – No
Egan, Joseph V. – Yes Freiman, Roy – Abstain Giblin, Thomas P. – Yes
Gove, DiAnne C. – No Greenwald, Louis D. – Yes Holley, Jamel C. – No
Houghtaling, Eric – Yes Jasey, Mila M. – Yes Jimenez, Angelica M. – Yes
Johnson, Gordon M. – Yes Karabinchak, Robert J. – Abstain Kean, Sean T. – No
Kennedy, James J. – Yes Lampitt, Pamela R. – Abstain Lopez, Yvonne – Yes
Mazzeo, Vincent – Abstain McClellan, Antwan L. – No McGuckin, Gregory P. – No
McKeon, John F. – Yes McKnight, Angela V. – Yes Mejia, Pedro – Yes
Moen, William F., Jr. – Yes Moriarty, Paul D. – Not Voting Mosquera, Gabriela M. – Yes
Mukherji, Raj – Yes Munoz, Nancy F. – No Murphy, Carol A. – Yes
Peters, Ryan E. – No Peterson, Erik – No Pinkin, Nancy J. – Yes
Pintor Marin, Eliana – Yes Quijano, Annette – Yes Reynolds-Jackson, Verlina – Yes
Rooney, Kevin J. – No Rumpf, Brian E. – No Schaer, Gary S. – Not Voting
Scharfenberger, Gerard – No Schepisi, Holly T. – No Simonsen, Erik K. – No
Space, Parker – Not Voting Spearman, William W. – Yes Speight, Shanique – Yes
Stanfield, Jean – No Sumter, Shavonda E. – Yes Swain, Lisa – Yes
Taliaferro, Adam J. – Yes Thomson, Edward H. – No Timberlake, Britnee N. – Yes
Tucker, Cleopatra G. – Yes Tully, P. Christopher – Yes Vainieri Huttle, Valerie – Yes
Verrelli, Anthony S. – Yes Webber, Jay – No Wimberly, Benjie E. – Yes
Wirths, Harold J. – No Zwicker, Andrew – Abstain

Sen.    7/30/2020  –  CONCUR ASMB AMEND   –  Yes {27}  No {12}  Not Voting {1}    –  Roll Call

Addiego, Dawn Marie – Yes Bateman, Christopher – No Beach, James – Yes
Brown, Chris A. – Yes Bucco, Anthony M. – Not Voting Cardinale, Gerald – No
Codey, Richard J. – Yes Connors, Christopher J. – No Corrado, Kristin M. – No
Cruz-Perez, Nilsa I. – Yes Cryan, Joseph P. – Yes Cunningham, Sandra B. – Yes
Diegnan, Patrick J., Jr. – Yes Doherty, Michael J. – No Gill, Nia H. – Yes
Gopal, Vin – Yes Greenstein, Linda R. – Yes Holzapfel, James W. – No
Kean, Thomas H., Jr. – No Lagana, Joseph A. – Yes Madden, Fred H., Jr. – Yes
O’Scanlon, Declan J., Jr. – No Oroho, Steven V. – No Pennacchio, Joseph – No
Pou, Nellie – Yes Rice, Ronald L. – Yes Ruiz, M. Teresa – Yes
Sacco, Nicholas J. – Yes Sarlo, Paul A. – Yes Scutari, Nicholas P. – Yes
Singer, Robert W. – Yes Singleton, Troy – Yes Smith, Bob – Yes
Stack, Brian P. – Yes Sweeney, Stephen M. – Yes Testa, Michael L., Jr. – No
Thompson, Samuel D. – No Turner, Shirley K. – Yes Vitale, Joseph F. – Yes
Weinberg, Loretta – Yes


One response to “How Your Legislator Voted on Workers Comp Bill”

  1. Teri DiGrande says:

    Please vote to VETO the Workers’ Comp Legislation Assemblly Bill S2380! This bill presumes that anyone who contract COVID-19 have so at their place of employment and allows them to file for Workers’ Compensation. As such, small business costs go up for their Workers’ Compensation premiums! This change in presumption is a change from the current statute wherein the policy is designed to handle an employee’s injury on the job. Our businesses are already suffering from this pandemic and this puts further strain on our finances while leaving federal CARES Act money on the table. Please join me in urging Governor Murphy to veto this legislation!