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Although employer hiring rebounded in the third quarter of the year, retail job openings are down 9% compared to 2019 and that could be bad news for many jobseekers who were looking for seasonal openings for these types of sales positions.

According to ICIMS’ October Snapshot Report, overall hiring in Q3 painted a more optimistic picture than Q2, but the retail sector is rebounding slower than others. iCIMS suggests that because the pandemic hit the retail sector particularly hard, these businesses may be more cautious about bringing workers back. Meanwhile, Monster’s October Hiring Report finds that many jobseekers are looking to work in seasonal positions, according to an article in HR Daily Advisor.

ICIMS also said there has been a slight decrease in the number of women who are applying for jobs as the pandemic continues. While equal percentages of men and women were looking for work in September, men were more likely to apply for open positions (18.9%) than women (17.8%). ICIMS suggested employers reevaluate their job postings for unintentionally biased language photos and other information that might discourage female applicants.

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