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Mark Beal, a PR practitioner, marketer and Rutgers University professor, has co-authored and published a new book to benefit current and future job seekers called “Win The Job & Thrive In A Multigenerational World.”

The book, also co-authored by executive recruiter Kadeer A. Porter and global technology executive Frank Kovacs, aims to help prospects with the job application and hiring process during ultra-competitive times and with an unprecedented five generations now in the workforce.

“In 2024, we are amid a new era of innovation and transformation where an individual can apply an entrepreneurial mindset and change the rules with respect to the path that they take to secure their next job and the journey they set out on once they begin working in their new role,” said Beal, Assistant Professor of Practice, Rutgers University School of Communication and Information.

“With consistent advancements in technology and content channels, there are more ways than ever to become a well-informed job candidate and employee in a multigenerational workplace. Our new book offers the insights and information to achieve that.”

The book consists of 166 lessons that offer insights, information, advice, and recommendations for all aspects of a successful job search and employment onboarding process including networking, resume and cover letter writing, mastering phone, teleconference and in-person interviews, leveraging LinkedIn, goal setting and measurement, and successfully onboarding and collaborating with colleagues from as many as five generations.

Among the insightful and applicable 166 lessons in Win The Job & Thrive In A Multigenerational Workplace include:

  • Lesson #4, Build Your Brand: Now, more than ever, and in the future, your personal brand, including your brand narrative, will be more important in achieving job search success.
  • Lesson #6, Interviewing and Working In Virtual Spaces: As the world increasingly turns to remote work and digital connections, mastering the art of virtual interviews has never been more critical. Navigating these digital encounters with confidence and effectiveness demands careful preparation, adaptability, and an understanding of the distinct dynamics at play in the virtual space.
  • Lesson #58, Netiquette: Who you are online is no different than who you are in person. Don’t think for one second that one is more important than the other, but keep in mind that your online presence is becoming one of the most efficient ways to learn more about what you do and who you are in real life.
  • Lesson #66, Connect With A Career Support Group: Career support groups offer an army of like-minded individuals to help you on your journey which will feel lonely at times. These groups provide camaraderie, assistance, inspiration and motivation when you need it most. Simultaneously, your professional network will expand significantly, and you will learn and transform personally and professionally with each meeting you attend.
  • Lesson #137, All Generations Deliver Value in The Workplace: It is critically important to comprehend that no matter the generation you represent, you deliver value that complements the value your colleagues from other generations bring to the workplace. Recognizing generational value is the first step in thriving in today’s multigenerational workplace.

The book also features a bonus section authored by Lieutenant Colonel Don Weyler, U.S. Army (Ret.) dedicated to Veterans making their military to civilian career transition. The book’s foreword was written by David Pangilinan, Manager, Insights and Cultural Intelligence at Paramount.

The book is available on Amazon and can be found here.