Is the new National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) getting ready to start overturning Obama-era labor decisions? Attorneys at the law firm Jackson-Lewis seem to think so.

An article published yesterday on the firm’s website described a lengthy memorandum from NLRB General Counsel Peter B. Robb directing NLRB regional offices to submit cases involving “significant legal issues” to the Division of Advice. It even singled out 26 specific Obama-era board decisions for which the counsel may want to provide an alternative analysis.

Robb was appointed by the Trump Administration in September and confirmed last month. Under the NLRB system, the general counsel can direct whether and when unfair labor practice charges are pursued.

“Although the Memorandum is no guarantee that all Obama-era precedents will be overturned, it should provide employers with substantial comfort that relief is on the way,” the article states.

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