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Tell your legislator to say NO to the Governor’s permanent Corporate Transit Fee. SEND A MESSAGE

In response to the U.S. Department of Labor’s issuance this week of a proposed rule altering the exemptions for overtime eligibility under the Fair Labor Standards Act, National Association of Manufacturers Managing Vice President of Policy Chris Netram issued the following statement:

“Manufacturers have spent the past several years adapting operations and personnel management resources to meet the evolving needs of their workforce in a post-pandemic environment, including through improved wages and benefits and productive workplace accommodations.

“The DOL’s proposed rule would inject new regulatory burdens and compliance costs to an industry already reeling from workforce shortages and an onslaught of other unbalanced regulations.

“Creating new regulatory processes and imposing additional mandatory costs will act as a drag on the sector and upend productive employer–employee relations. We look forward to expressing our concerns with this proposal directly to the DOL and administration leaders as the process moves forward.”