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image of social distancing in officeIn an effort to continue to inform a comprehensive and collaborative approach to our economic recovery, NJBIA and the Business Coalition briefed legislators and staff on a framework to safely reopen New Jersey businesses.  The Business Coalition compiled a Recovery and Reinvention Framework, along with industry-specific reopening plans detailing clear action steps businesses need to safely reopen their doors.  These documents can be found here.

During the discussion, the Business Coalition stressed the need for specific government guidance on what is expected of them when they reopen, such as requirements for the use of personal protective equipment and temperature testing.  Furthermore, concrete metrics with timeframes outlining when the state will move through the phases of reopening are critical to restoring the state’s economy.  Without these clear benchmarks in place, the business community remains in limbo.

Furthermore, the coalition stressed the need for employer liability protections and a halt to additional state mandates, such as changing the presumption under which employees can file workers’ compensation claims with their employer. With over one-quarter of our civilian workforce on unemployment, it is critical to safely reopen our job creators to start the economic recovery.

NJBIA and the Business Coalition will continue to assist our policymakers, and we call on the Legislature and Governor Murphy to safely reopen our businesses as soon as possible.