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NJBIA President and CEO Michele N. Siekerka Esq. issued the following statement in response to passage of coronavirus-related bills by the Senate today.

“We are appreciative of the Senate for expediting these bills at this critical and unprecedented time. While these bills that are designed to bring relief to New Jersey employees are not perfect, as is often the case in expedited legislation, they will provide some assistance to some of our struggling workforce.

“We now encourage our policymakers to work in real time on relief measures that will bring more assistance to New Jersey employers, such as Senate President Sweeney’s economic relief ideas proposed on March 14.

“So many of our members have told us in no uncertain terms that they are reeling due to changes in consumer behavior and supply chains and they need immediate assistance for their solvency or survivability.

“NJBIA will continue to work with our policymakers to bring immediate and clear relief to our job creators. We hope they will work expeditiously to bring much-needed assistance to our small business owners and sole proprietors who represent the lifeblood of New Jersey’s economy.”