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This is a rewarding leadership opportunity with an organization that has been supporting families and enhancing children’s growth for nearly 50 years. It is a chance to be part of a productive and collegial Board of Directors strengthening a vital childcare resource and referral agency. 4CS’s Board and staff are thought partners collaborating to improve the lives of Passaic County’s families and children.

4CS of Passaic County

4CS of Passaic County is a nonprofit childcare resource and referral agency. Founded in 1971 as New Jersey Community Coordinated Child Care, 4CS oversees one of the state’s largest childcare subsidy assistance programs, with more than 10,000 children enrolled in its programs. In addition to administering child care and early education subsidies, 4CS has more than 87,000 touches with individuals in the community who are child care providers, parents/caregivers, students, and the community at large by offering, childcare and human services referrals, counseling, and processing childcare subsidy applications. On average, more than 1,500 walk-in clients seek 4CS’s services each month. The agency’s comprehensive training and education programs include workshops for parents; childcare center staff and friend & family childcare provider trainings on brain development, first aid and CPR; technical assistance for providers to meet licensing requirements; as well as administration of The Center for Child Care Careers, a fully bilingual (English/Spanish) New Jersey licensed vocational school.

With the recognition that proper nutrition is critical to children’s brain and physical development, 4CS makes it possible for child care providers to provide 250,000 tasty, healthy and nutritious meals and snacks to children throughout Passaic, Bergen and Hudson Counties annually.

Headquartered in Paterson and serving more than 5,000 families throughout Passaic County, 4CS operates with a $5 million annual budget and is overseen by a seven-person Board of Directors.

For more information about 4CS, please visit the 4CS website


The mission of 4CS of Passaic County is to assist families to obtain excellent quality child care that is available, accessible, and affordable.

Financial Summary

4CS’s total revenue for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2017 was $4.5 million, of which 90% was received from government grants and contracts. 4CS currently has assets exceeding $2 million. In recognition of its commitment to transparency, 4CS is a gold-level participant in GuideStar’s reporting program.

The Board of Directors

Trustees are the guardians of 4CS’s mission and resources, bringing to the organization a variety of skills, knowledge, experience and perspectives. To ensure 4CS continues to be a resource for high quality early care and education, Trustees are tasked with active leadership, active participation, fundraising, and financial support.

4CS currently has seven (7) Trustees, with plans to expand to at least 12 over the next year. We are seeking engaged volunteers who share 4CS’s values and are passionate about 4CS’s mission.

Duties and Responsibilities

Each Board leader commits time, talent and treasure to meet the following basic responsibilities:

  • Attendance at four Board meetings annually: January, April, July and September;
  • Active participation on at least one committee – currently, these include the Executive, Governance, Finance, Strategic Planning, and Community Outreach, Development & Marketing Committees – which typically meets 2 – 4 times per year;
  • Serve as an ambassador for 4CS and articulate the need for community investment;
  • Accept appropriate Board leadership roles as opportunities become available;
  • Help grow the Board with new directors;
  • Identify potential corporate and individual donor prospects;
  • Ensure fiduciary oversight and responsible stewardship of 4CS resources;
  • Contribute a personally significant annual gift.

Trustees may serve two (2) three-year terms.

Professional Requirements

We are seeking a diverse group of professionals with a variety of skills, experience and perspectives to steward the continued growth and sustainability of 4CS. Candidates with education or childhood development experience as well as legal, marketing, communications, philanthropic, pediatric, obstetric, gynecologic, human service and real estate professionals are highly desired. Board governance experience with a nonprofit is preferred, but not required.

Personal Characteristics

Candidates should have a passion for enhancing the lives of children and a commitment to supporting parents and childcare providers. Members of the Board are expected to make the necessary time to fulfill their ambassador responsibilities and to prepare for and attend meetings.

The 4CS Board seeks individuals representing a diversity of experience and perspectives. Ideal candidates will share the organization’s commitment to inclusion and will be comfortable engaging in honest discussions and respectful dissent.

As the demands for 4CS services and programs increase, the skills to contribute to organizational growth are essential. Individuals with organizational development and strategic planning talent will find this an exciting opportunity to lead in a meaningful way.

Residency in Passaic County is not a requirement of directors.