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Public Service Electric and Gas Company, New Jersey’s largest utility with 2.3 million electric customers and 1.9 million gas customers, recently received Plug In America’s 2022 Drive Electric Award in the Utility category. 

PSE&G received this national honor for its leadership in support of advancing EV infrastructure as part of its Clean Energy Future – Electric Vehicle Program to make EVs more affordable and convenient. 

PSE&G is the first New Jersey utility to support the creation of the state’s EV charging infrastructure through a $166 million investment dedicated to installing 45,000 EV chargers throughout its service territory for residential, commercial and direct current fast charge (DCFC) EV charging. 

The state-approved program helps qualified customers with the installation costs of EV chargers and alleviates some or all costs associated with upgrading their electric service. It does so by supporting increased electric usage, offering demand charge rebates for DCFC sites, and giving off-peak charging credits to residential customers by decreasing a charger’s energy use during peak hours. This program supports the state’s broader electrification efforts. 

“At PSE&G, we are powering a future where people use less energy, and it’s cleaner, safer and delivered more reliably than ever,” said Dawn Neville, manager of electric transportation at PSE&G. “We are proud to be recognized for our leadership of transportation electrification in New Jersey as we all work toward creating an infrastructure to access affordable, cleaner energy.” 

PSE&G was also honored for its commitment to convert its vehicle fleet, which should contribute to a reduction in carbon emissions and set an example for others. As part of its plan to reduce carbon emissions, PSE&G is working to convert 100% of its passenger vehicles, such as sedans and SUVs, 60% of medium duty vehicles and 90% of heavy-duty vehicles by 2030 to battery electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids or anti-idle job site work systems. 

The 2022 Drive Electric Awards were presented in Los Angeles in October. 

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