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To keep pace with changing workforce and employer needs, Raritan Valley Community College is launching a new, three-semester program to prepare students for employment in entry-level social media positions. 

The 30-credit program will officially launch in fall 2023; however, students are encouraged to begin their studies by taking an English composition class at RVCC this summer. 

The Social Media Specialist Certificate is intended for traditional-age college students, as well as those returning to the workforce or current workers looking to upskill in their field. The program trains students to communicate to the public through various platforms, preparing them to run employers’ social media accounts and working to build brand reputation. 

Through such courses as Social Media Theory, Writing for the Media, Principles of Marketing, Social Media Production, Presentational and Professional Speaking, and Introduction to Public Relations, students also learn about marketing, speech, and public relations. Previous social media experience is suggested before enrolling in the program, but it is not required. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, industry need for public relations specialists, which includes social media experts, is projected to increase 11% from 2020 to 2030. 

Students pursuing the College’s Communication Studies degree also may consider enrolling in the Social Media Specialist Certificate program as a stackable credential to add to their skillset and increase their marketability to employers. 

To learn more about the new Social Media Specialist Certificate, email Sara Banfield, RVCC Professor of Communication Studies, at