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In a report on NJ Spotlight News this week, NJBIA President and CEO Michele Siekerka told senior correspondent Brenda Flanagan that Netflix’s proposed $900 million production facility at Fort Monmouth will greatly benefit the state’s economy.

This amid one detractor who claimed the project would not benefit the state.

“Economically, we’re talking about 1,500 equivalent, full-time production jobs and 3,000 construction jobs,” Siekerka told Flanagan. “So, this is an exciting opportunity for that community and it’s going to be a great boost to the economic viability of the state of New Jersey.”

In the report, Pat Garofalo, Director of State & Local Policy for the America Economic Liberties Project, said New Jersey offering tax incentives for Netflix was a “mistake that many other states have made.”

In 2018, New Mexico offered a 25% tax credit and other incentives for Netflix to house its main production facility.

Alicia Keyes, Cabinet Secretary for New Mexico Economic Development, told Flanagan: “I don’t have any concerns for the state of New Mexico in terms of Netflix and their ability to fulfill their contractual obligations with us.”

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