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On this past weekend’s ‘Minding Your Business,’ Mark Beal, a professor at Rutgers University School of Communication and Information, discussed his new book “Gen Z Graduates to Adulthood.”

The book explains how employers can recruit and retain Generation Z members now that they are graduating college and being recruited for jobs.

Additionally, Beal explained to host Bob Considine how businesses can best market to Generation Z now that they are spending their salaries.

One common thread in preferences of Gen Z-ers for marketers and employers is that they are mission-based.

“They’re looking to support brands that demonstrate a purpose other than just selling me something,” Beal said of marketers.

Of employers, Beal said Generation Z members are “looking to work for employers that actually have a purpose other than just ‘let’s make a profit.’ Of course, you still have to generate revenue and a make profit, but what is your higher purpose?”

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