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Research shows that self-confidence and the courage to take bold risks are integral to career success. Women mired in their professional comfort zone by self-doubt and the fear of failure do not break the glass ceiling. 

However, when it comes to confidence, too much of a good thing is perceived as a character flaw that sabotages careers as well. Strong, confident women can be unfairly viewed as arrogant, inflexible, and unwilling to consider other viewpoints or be a team player. 

Clearly, finding the right balance is key. At the upcoming New Jersey Women Business Leaders Forum, powered by NJBIA, the “Is Confidence a Dirty Word?” breakout session will feature four experts who will share their insight on this topic: 

  • Christine Hanson, president of Two X Consulting, a highly experienced coach and mentor who shows clients why confidence is a key to selling yourself and demonstrating your authentic value as a business professional. Hanson is also offering free one-on-one coaching sessions during the WBLF. 
  • Ginny Hill, CEO of the Girl Scouts of Central & Southern New Jersey, a dynamic executive whose career has focused on the empowerment and advancement of women and girls throughout the tri-state area and beyond. 
  • Casey Moes, director of Business Development in North America for CWT, who has more than 20 years’ experience leading diverse teams and mitigating risk to people, facilities, and information through her U.S. Army service. A graduate of the U.S. Military Academy, Moes has confidently led soldiers in Iraq and mentored West Point cadets in areas of equal opportunity and prevention of sexual harassment. 
  • Patrizia Zita, CEO and co-founder of The Zita Group, a woman-owned, diverse, lobbying firm that has grown to become one of the largest and most influential in the state. Her trailblazing work, leadership and mentorship to women has been recognized by numerous organizations and New Jersey business publications. 

The 9th Annual New Jersey Women Business Leaders Forum will be held Sept. 27-28 at the Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott. The largest professional women’s conference in New Jersey, it brings together hundreds of corporate and nonprofit leaders, entrepreneurs, and students each year to inspire and empower the building of successful businesses and to increase diversity in corporate leadership, both in the C-suite and the boardroom. 

The two-day event includes executive TED-style talks, multiple breakout sessions led by expert panelists, one-on-one coaching, help with building résumés, LinkedIn makeovers and numerous networking opportunities to help women advance at every stage of their career. For registration information and sponsorship opportunities, go to