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Understanding that many startups lack marketing expertise, Mindy Scarlett began the Scarlett Consulting Group out of Fanwood, NJ. They help develop everything a growing business needs to become successful in a crowded landscape including websites, videos, podcasts, and even best-selling books.

“We actually write books for our clients and make them Amazon best-selling authors,” she said. “This is a wonderful way that they can showcase that they’re an expert in their subject matter.”

Scarlett joined NJBIA in 2018 because of its superior merchant processing member benefit.

“Priority Payments Local stepped up to the plate and explained what I needed,” explained Scarlett. “They set me up so fast, it made my head turn. They’ve been absolutely wonderful with client service. No matter what the issue is… I instantly get a response. And the next day, the money is in my account! It was a wonderful solution to an ongoing problem that I was very grateful for.”

And while the payment processing benefit has been a big help, watch the video above to learn what really surprised The Scarlett Consulting Group about NJBIA and how it quickly helped this boutique marketing agency grow.

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