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NJBIA member Jerry Creighton, an award-winning entrepreneur, corporate executive, business owner, and angel investor, is sharing his strategies for future-proofing your business in his book, “The Quest for Durability –The Business Puzzle Method.” 

The U.S. business community generally operates in a world driven by the short-term goal of quarterly profit reporting, which can lead to mediocrity and complacency, Creighton says. The most successful companies, however, embrace innovation and are constantly evaluating, modifying and prioritizing ideas to adapt to the marketplace. Constant attention to ideas keeps a business focused on its future needs, he says. 

In his book, Creighton shows how to balance short-term daily tasks with strategies and tactics to ensure growth and viability for a justifiable and predictable future. Creighton explains the building blocks of future-proofing a business through all its growth stages. 

Creighton, who earned his MBA from Widener University, served for more than a decade as executive director of the Enterprise Development Center (since renamed VentureLink) at the New Jersey Institute of Technology – one of the most successful combined domestic and international accelerator/commercialization centers of this type. 

His extensive business development experience spans business ownership and domestic and international executive positions with Xerox, AT&T, Lucent and Deutsche Telekom. This experience includes mergers and acquisitions / joint ventures, market management, business planning, financial reporting, and business operations responsibilities. 

More information about his book, “The Quest for Durability – The Business Puzzle Method,” can be found on his website,