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Starting July 31, New Jersey employers will face new unemployment reporting requirements and heightened penalties for noncompliance under changes made to the state unemployment insurance laws in 2022.

Employers will soon have two online submission obligations that they must comply with when a worker separates from the company.

Currently, employers are required to complete and provide the employee with the New Jersey Department of Labor & Workforce Development’s Form BC-10, which contains instructions for claiming jobless benefits and information about the employer that the worker needs to file a claim.

Effective July 1, employers will also be required to also simultaneously send the NJDOL the same completed Form BC-10 that was given to the employee as well as another new form that the NJDOL will create to provide the state with sufficient information to make a benefit determination.

Beginning July 31, employers who fail to furnish information regarding the employee’s separation from the company face a fine of $500 or 25% of amount withheld from the employee by the delay, whichever is greater. Each day the employer does not comply is considered a separate offense.

Significantly, employers must provide both Form BC-10 and the benefit determination information form to the state regardless of whether the separated employee applies for unemployment benefits.