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A controversial independent contractor bill opposed by NJBIA and a host of businesses and gig workers will not get a vote before the legislative session ends on Tuesday.

Senate President Stephen Sweeney, who is a sponsor of the measure, told NJ Advance Media that a new bill will be taken up in the next two-year legislative session, which begins after noon on Jan. 14.

In an article posted late Wednesday, writer Brent Johnson explained that S-4204 would expand the definition of who’s an employee versus who’s an independent contractor.

Supporters argue the bill is necessary to fight back against employers exploiting “gig” workers by misclassifying them and paying them less.

“But some independent contractors — such as freelancers, truck drivers, bakers, wedding photographers, and musicians — have spoken out against the bill,” Johnson writes. “They say it could keep them from finding work, reduce their income, and even force them out of state.”

NJBIA welcomes the delay. The association supports laws that prevent companies from illegally using independent contractors but believes this bill goes well beyond that.

“We look forward to working with the Senate President and other bill sponsors to ensure New Jersey’s misclassification laws are strong enough to stop companies that are true bad actors but do so  without interfering with those who choose to work independently and be their own boss,” said Mike Wallace, NJBIA’s senior vice president for Government Affairs.

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