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As states reopen workplaces slowly amid health protocols and restricted capacity, one group is being largely left behind – those working remotely because of the coronavirus pandemic.

That’s from the results of a mid-June Yahoo Finance-Harris poll. Only 4% of workers who began working remotely to prevent the spread of COVID-19 have returned to their workplaces, the poll shows. Fifty-four percent of workers are continuing to work from home while another 9% were already working from home when the pandemic hit. The rest have been working at their normal workplace from the beginning.

On the unemployment side, 10% of poll respondents say they’ve lost their job because of the coronavirus, with 3% saying it’s a permanent job loss and 7% saying it’s temporary. Sixteen percent say they’re working fewer hours, while 6% saying they’re working more hours.

“One concern about the depth and duration of the recession is that some temporary job losses could become permanent,” Yahoo Finance writer Rick Newman stated in an online article. “Congress has dispersed trillions of dollars in aid to workers and businesses, with incentives to keep people on the payroll even if they aren’t doing their normal jobs. But some businesses are still likely to fail as the virus threat moves around the country and consumers stay home.”

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